Monday, December 6, 2010

Hair Test

Trying out this Shave and a Haircut for the first time. Here's what I have so far. The lighting is obviously temporary. I'm finding it hard to make this more realistic so I guess i'll have to look up some more tutorials..


  1. Oh Snizzap! Nice mane needs more color variation of course but I like the style so far. Keep pushing it! :)

  2. Hey! That's looking great :)
    Try messing around with the tip settings a bit, even someone with very fine or straight hair has a bit of frizz there. Also some clumping at the ends may help too to give it that more realistic look you're going for. The ends now seem too fine, maybe try renders without "tip fade" on too if you're currently using it. Overall it's looking really good especially the mass closest to the scalp :D

  3. @allen- Yea im gonna try a few different hair colors. for some reason crazy colors like blue and pink look better than brown and black lol

    @monique- thanks. you're def right. i didnt notice how 'anime' the tips were looking 0_o