Friday, December 31, 2010

Near Final Test Render

Finally, I'm reaching the end of this. Fitting for the end of the year. This is the finished look that I'm going to be rendering out pretty soon. The different render passes were kinda thrown together just so I could fool around in PS (hence the wobbly highlights and outline around the hoody). The only thing I'm planning on doing is giving her a necklace (or 2) and maybe one more simple accessory to add some hard surface visual contrast. phone, watch, headphoness, sunglasses....I dunno yet. Then its off to pose her for final rendering. Happy (early) new year!


  1. Word mane its getting there. Time to step the game up this new year. Let's get it!

  2. Looking really good, hair turned out nice :)

    Give her one of those crazy watches you own ;P

  3. Outstanding job man, she's looking kinda hot...u know for a 3D Model. I say give her a bracelet & a ring and put one of your diamonds on it. Great way to start out the new year homie.

  4. Thanks peoples! Y'all aren't telling me to fix anything major, so I'll take that as it's pretty much done :D
    @allen- you know it mane. gotta do the damn thang
    @monique- i spent an unspeakable amount of time learning the hair stuff so i'm glad you like :) I was actually thinking the same thing about the i guess ill do that
    @que- thanks, but you better stay away from my woman... btw, i wanna see some new work from you dude, get on it!