Monday, October 4, 2010

Skin Update

EDIT: I adjusted some settings some more. I won't touch it again until the hair is done, I promise!

I wasn't satisfied with the skin and thanks to some critiques from Q, here's what I have with the skin now. Still kinda tweaking the eyes, but this head is taking too long soo I'm moving on to the clothes.


  1. Big improvement homie, but now you have too much SSS lol, tone it down because there is too much red in the face. You might have to do an SSS map. I know this is not the final, but I feel you can do a lot better with the lighting. Maybe render out some light passes so it will be easier to tweek. Found this online maybe it will help you get this model looking G.A.F (G As F***)

  2. Yea the skin is looking more natural than the last post. As for the eyes, add lashes of course lol and make a cast shadow from them at the top of the eyes. It also needs some red (tear ducts I guess) at the corners. All of that can be textured on except the lashes (or can it...)

    That's all I got for now. Keep going mane!

  3. ARRGH. I'll get there one of these days, but you're right. I think the lighting has alot to do with it. I am using a SSS map btw, Q. I dunno about it being too red, maybe my screen is real bright or yours is too dark? lol. (she isn't white either btw :p )

    I figured i'd do the eyelashes when i'm doing the hair, i didn't forget em allen! I guess the tear ducts are too pink to see, i'll keep that in mind.

    Man, it's hard to render a realistic young female face. On a regular guy character, you got wrinkles, facial hair, uneven skin tones, and rougher skin to help the render out. I'll be here when either one of yall are working on a realistic girl >:D THANKS FOR THE CRITS GUYZ