Friday, October 1, 2010

Skin Texturing

Finally working on texturing!!(i forgot how much I love to do it!) Here's what I have with the skin so far. I learned alot about the skin shader settings doing this. There's some unevenness in the skin color that I hope to smooth out soon. The hair is just a placeholder till I start messing around with Shave and a Haircut. I'm not happy with the eyes yet so I'm still working on them. Maybe the AO pass and eyelashes will make em look better. Still gotta add eyelashes/eyebrows but next up are the clothes. Those should get done much faster....hopefully.


  1. Glad to see you texturing again brah, The skin looks a bit oily (imo). If you are using the skin shader then I needs to see a little more sss & from this distance the texture seems to be low res, mostly in the cheek & forehead area. I wish you would have left the eyes out because they are ruining the whole model. Your close homie keep tweeking it.

  2. I know the eyes look like crap, that's why I said I'm still working on them. So pretend they're not there :P

    Thanks alot for the crit. I've been looking at this skin too long, I didn't realize how oily it was! I adjusted some of the spec/reflection and its looking alot better already. Also, I think the texture is looking a little blurry because of the jpeg compression. The renders are clearer than this. (they better be, all my maps are 4k lol)