Monday, February 8, 2010

Final Design

Ok, I'm done...I said i'm done. I went with the second design and did a little more detail. I might start modeling tomorrow, if i feel like it.


  1. Word homie, I see someone is on the move, concept looks nice. I would suggest you make a color/ texture sample sheet so you can get an idea of what you want the final to look like and that will help you decide what should be modeled/ detailed and textured.

  2. Indeed someone is keeping busy. Nice idea doesn't look to stressful to deal w/. I agree w/ Que.B about the texture sheet and stuff. Can't wait to see more progres mane! :)

  3. Hey! I missed the boat and didn't get to comment on your designs. You work too fast lol. Anyway, I like what you ended up choosing. Can't wait to see some WIPs which you're probably posting as I post this ;-P