Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Has Started...(Updated)

I got around to starting this model thankfully...Though I kinda wanted to finish the base in one day, here is what i got done so far. For the base, all I have left to do is add the eye socket geometry, inside the mouth (gums,teeth,and tongue),and finish attaching the back spikes..Maybe I'll do that tomorrow, cause i want to work on my soldier character. Either way, I'll have some sort of update tomorrow. (and yea, i put the wrong date down..i did this today not yesterday)

Here is an update on the base. Its pretty much ready to unwrap/zbrush except for the head. I'm really not happy with it because its looking too much like a fish. For some reason even if i follow my orthographic drawings, the shape doesn't look right...I might just pop it in zbrush to get the right shape.


  1. Good start mane. You delivering these posts like hotcakes. Keep em' coming :)

  2. You're off to a good start. Can't say the same for myself since I ended up working on my S15 for most of the day instead of the creature.

  3. Looking good so far, keep going brah I'm right behind ya.